Japanese speaking Global Service Desk Support

A global managed IT services company based in just outside of London is looking for an IT support to work for their customer with tailored…

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TV Sub-Presenter for Peak District

ピークディストリクトで撮影するNHK番組 地元出演者を探しています   NHKでは、BSプレミアムで放送するドキュメンタリー番組『一本の道』に 旅人役で出演して下さる方を探しています。 番組では、NHKのアナウンサーと一緒にピークディストリクトを一週間かけて歩き、 その様子を撮影します。この番組に出演してみたい方、出演してくれそうな方をご存知の方、 連絡いただけますでしょうか。 ※撮影時の交通費、食費、宿泊費等は、NHKで負担します。謝礼金もお支払い致します。   撮影日程 : 2016年8月初旬(7,8日間)   募集対象 : ●ピークディストリクト周辺出身/お住まいの方、またはその地域をよく旅する方。 日本語で会話ができる方 毎日10km程度のトレッキングコースを歩ける方。 年齢、性別不問。   連絡先  : 簡単な履歴書と自己PRを書いたものを下記までお送りください。 NHKコスモメディアヨーロッパ ロンドンオフィス  生野 rie.ikuno@nhk-cm.co.uk     Looking for a participant…

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Temporary EFL teacher for short term courses

We are a Japanese boarding school based in Buckinghamshire. In addition to providing a Japanese education for our residential boarding students, we run a number of short term courses for visiting students from Japanese schools and universities at our school. Most of the courses run for 2 weeks to 3 weeks in spring and summer every year. We are particularly looking for temporally EFL Teachers for short term courses in February & March 2016. This is a residential position. We will provide you with accommodation and 3 meals a day during the course.

Duties include but not limited to:

– Planning and implementing fun, interactive and communicative lessons.
– Leading and supervising activities.
– Excursions to various sightseeing places in the UK.
– Supervising students during activities, trips and excursions and ensuring their safety.
– Working closely and effectively with other teachers and Japanese accompanying staff.

Qualifications required:
– TESOL/CELTA or equivalent
– More than 1 year teaching experience
– Native level of English


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