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David Warren, the British Ambassador to Japan attended a symposium to celebrate 25 years of the JET Programme this week in Tokyo. In his speech, Ambassador Warren said "It's hard to over-emphasise the contribution that the JET Programme has made to Japan's international relations."

Speaking of the 50,000 young people who had participated on the programme he acknowledged, "Many have gone onto distinguished careers in public life of their own countries." He also expressed his delight that "Many alumni of the JET Programme have become British diplomats and have returned to serve in the British Embassy in Tokyo."

Speaking from his first hand experience in travelling around Japan and meeting British JETs, he spoke of their high calibre and commitment, "not just to Japanese education but to closer exchange between Britain and Japan."

He expressed a hope that the "Japanese Government can continue to support the JET Programme as actively as possible over the coming years." He described the Programme as a "marvellous advertisement for Japan's commitment to international exchange" and insisted that "we must all work to ensure that it continues and expands in the future."

You can read the full transcript from Ambassador Warren's speech here.