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Karaoke has always bridged boundaries. Singing your heart out in a forgotten corner of a high-rise tower block in deepest Tokyo, it's not rare to find yourself crooning a global pop hit from the 1970s with a Korean couple you just met in a Brazilian bar. And together, hitting the high notes of a Bowie masterpiece, you forget your terrible language skills, scream ever higher than your badly tuned voice should allow, cast aside your inhibitions and inhabit that unique moment of togetherness that karaoke brings.

Calling on the transcendent power of karaoke, art collective GLTI.CH, in conjunction with Meanwhile Space, are hosting a live, web-streamed karaoke event on Saturday 2nd of April, Whitechapel, London to raise funds for The Japan Society Tohoku Earthquake Relief Fund. Using Skype and web-stream service LiveStream, GLTI.CH Karaoke will bridge the divide between London, UK and Kumamoto, Japan, in a live event to end all live events.

By visiting glti.ch or twittering @gltich you are invited to add your favourite karaoke hits to an ever growing, trans-international archive.

All proceeds raised at GLTI.CH Karaoke will go to The Japan Society Tohoku Earthquake Relief Fund.

More details can be found on the JETAA Events page: GLTI.CH Karaoke

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