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JETAA UK now has its very own Linkedin discussion page.

We’d like to encourage more alumni who use Linkedin and are based in the United Kingdom or looking to re-locate, to join us in discussing important items such as the JET Programme and language education in Japan.

The group aims to bring together all UK based ex-JETS to promote international links between Japan and the UK and to offer members a professional forum to interact with other ex-JETS.

The only prerequisite to joining our group is to have been a participant in the JET Programme. Please include this on your Linkedin Page with the years you were in Japan and the prefecture.

We welcome any discussions related to Japan and its relationship with the UK and the JET Programme. We also welcome alumni to post any updates on JETAA related activities within the UK.

Join the JETAA UK discussion now: JETAA UK Linkedin Group

We look forward to meeting you there!

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