31st March 2017

Chapter Roundup: North West

Greetings from JETAA North West! 

In the 2016–2017 JET year, North West chapter members hosted and were involved in various Japan-related events, all of which were well-received.

Event reports

Since the inaugural Jetlag newsletter in January, North West has held its Shinnenkai at Etsu in Liverpool and supported the Children’s Lives in Wartime Japan Exhibition in Manchester Central Library. We also hosted a Hinamatsuri event at Sugar and Dice Board Game Café in Liverpool.

Upcoming events

Our connections with Japan Society North West, a non-profit organisation to promote Japanese culture, and other Japan-related groups have enabled us to plan at least one event per month for the coming year so you are sure to find something that takes your interest.

With so much happening, JETAA members, friends and family will undoubtedly have fun and make some great connections at our events. We look forward to seeing you in the forthcoming year.

8th April: JETAA North West AGM; brunch in Warrington

29th April: The dark secret of Natsume Soseki, a talk by author and literature critic Damian Flanagan, co-hosted by Japan Society North West at Summerville, Manchester

May: Hanami at Festival Gardens, Liverpool

20th May: Children’s Day at World Museum, Liverpool.  Hosted by Japan Society North West with volunteers from the chapter

3rd June: Outgoing JETs pre-departure meet-up at Etsu in Liverpool

16th June: Outgoing JETs pre-departure meet-up at Yuzu in Manchester

My story

I have spent the majority of my adult life (2001–2015) in Japan and find my return to the British lifestyle incredibly hard at times. Through my involvement in the JETAA NW committee, I have been able to bring a little of what I love about Japan into the events that I’ve organised.

Not only have I met interesting people throughout the country and made essential links with Japan-related groups, I’ve also received much encouragement from other alumni, which in turn I’ve been able to pass on to ex-JETs upon their return to the North West.

I would like to give useful information and encouragement to those in our area going out to Japan, and provide a friendly and worthwhile support network for ex-JETs in the North West.

By arranging regular social gatherings where each member can contribute, I hope to strengthen communication within our chapter and work towards a JETAA community that appeals to all.

I intend to use my ties with Japan to coordinate events that are both fun and valuable to our members and hope to see as many of you as possible this year as you are bound to make some great memories with us.

Corrina Ellis

North West Vice Chair

More on the North West Chapter

 Other Japan links in the North West:

Japan Society North West

Liverpool Anime Society

British Go Association, Liverpool Club

Manchester Kyudo Group

Liverpool Japanese Conversation Group (on Facebook)

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