Discover Japan Day at The World Museum, Liverpool

25th June 2017

Discover Japan Day at The World Museum, Liverpool

On May 20th JSNW (Japan Society North West) helped The World Museum organise a Discover Japan Day aimed at children to celebrate Kodomo no Hi.  As JSNW were calling for volunteers to assist with activities, I thought it was a perfect chance for those of our alumni who were ALTs to put their skills to good use here in Britain.  Three NW alumni including myself took part and you can see a picture of us feeling really great in our yukata at the top of this article.

The activities available to children were chopstick challenges (building foam robots using only chopsticks, and moving as many peanuts as possible from one bowl to another in a minute), colouring pictures from manga, making carp streamers, origami, and calligraphy.  The children crowded in to try their hand at everything and even the adults had a go at the chopstick challenge!

When we had a spare minute, we got out our own origami paper and folded some cranes.  It was my new year's resolution this year to fold 1000 cranes to send to Hiroshima, my home from home, in time for the Atomic bomb commemoration event in August, so I try to use every opportunity I have to get folding!  People were interested in knowing why we were folding cranes and were touched by the story of Sadako Sasaki.  Some tried to fold their own cranes and added to our collection.  I'm really grateful for their contribution.

I thought this Discover Japan Day would not only appeal to JETAA but would also be beneficial to those about to go out on JET so they could see what kind of Japan-related activities they could be involved in on their return to the NW.  We are already in the process of planning pre-departure events for these new JETs but I decided to give them information on The World Museum event too and was thrilled to see a good handful of Liverpool JETs turn up.  It was lovely to meet them in person and talk a little about Japan.  Some were even brave enough to try one of the chopstick challenges!

Afterwards I heard from the new JETs that getting together even just briefly had made them even more excited about our upcoming pre-departure events.  Likewise, the JETAA members said what a lovely experience it had been.  I was reminded once again how great both JET and JETAA are and that it is so worthwhile being a part of it all.

Thank you to everyone who helped out and attended on the day.  There are sure to be more of these events throughout the year so please do come and join in the fun next time.

I hope you are all well and will look forward to seeing you again soon.

Corrina Ellis - North West Chapter Chair

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