JETAA North West Folding Cranes for Peace

20th August 2020

JETAA North West Folding Cranes for Peace

A wish for peace and good health

During lockdown JETAA North West decided to fold paper cranes to combine commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the A-bomb in Hiroshima with a wish for good health and peace for all across the world during the pandemic.  The number of cranes started small.

But grew steadily until we reached our target of 500 and then strung them together.

One of our JETAA members’ former student from her JET days in Toyama also contributed 100 cranes.

They were then sent to Hiroshima where our friends hung them up in the Peace Park on August 6th.

I must admit, it brought a tear to the eye to see the cranes finally there.  Upon donating, you fill in a form.

And that means there’s a possibility we may receive an official letter of acceptance of the cranes.  Even if not, it feels good to have worked together with both alumni and former students to not only achieve something during lockdown but also express our thoughts to the important city of Hiroshima and extend those feelings out across the world during these uncertain times.

I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all that contributed to this project, and thank you to everyone for reading this.  May you all be happy and well, and continue to stay safe.

Best wishes, from Corrina, JETAA North West Chapter Chair.

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