9th January 2017

JETLAG Launched

To all JETAA UK members,

Happy New Year and welcome to our new quarterly newsletter called JETLAG. For those of you, like me, who are old enough to remember, this is the same name used for the quarterly printed newsletter that was sent out to members pre-Internet days. We hope JETLAG will keep you updated about JETAA UK activities and events related to the UK and Japan, as well as give you opportunities to connect with JETAA UK.

JETAA UK is a large network, which is growing year on year. There are around 10,000 British ex-JETs living around the globe, some of whom are continuing to keep UK–Japan connections strong in their professional or social life. I am always meeting ex-JETs doing interesting things because of their experiences in Japan.

Last year was the 30th anniversary of the JET Programme and I was lucky enough to go out to Japan to celebrate and see what JETAA are achieving around the globe. Now is an important time for us to keep UK–Japan ties strong and to really utilise this fantastic network of people who all have strong grass-roots experiences of Japan.

Please enjoy the newsletter and get involved if you can. If any of your ex-JET friends did not receive this newsletter, please let them know they can sign up through our website. And if your contact details are not up to date, please pay our website a visit, too, to update them.

With best wishes for 2017!

Sarah Parsons


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