Sake facts with Helen Pang

22nd May 2021

Sake facts with Helen Pang

I thought I’d start everyone off from scratch, assuming you have
absolutely no knowledge of sake at all. (You are like Manuel from the British Comedy
Classic Fawlty Towers, “I know nothing”.) I also want to keep these posts short and
sweet, giving you small snippets and quick facts about sake and not a long, tedious
article so here we go…

Sake, 酒,  also sometimes written as Saké is Japanese rice wine or even better, o-
sake (お酒), (I knew that!!!, I hear you shouting). It is an alcoholic beverage made by
fermented, polished rice to which the bran has been removed. To be even more
specific, it is known as “Nihonshu” (日本酒) in Japan, with sake meaning an alcoholic
drink as a more generic term. It is Japan’s national beverage.


A special type of rice is used for making the sake and is called saka mai 酒米 (さか
まい). It is also known as the rice that is suitable for brewing sake, shuzō kōtekimai 
酒造好適米 (しゅぞうこうてきまい).


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