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Welcome to the JET Alumni Association

Welcome to the website of the UK chapters of the JET Alumni Association. We are here to provide a network for alumni of the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme, help promote the programme and its aims, and continue to further the cause of Anglo-Japanese relations in the UK.

Welcome to the JET Alumni Association

JETAA UK (the Japan Exchange & Teaching (JET) Programme Alumni Association of the UK) is your stepping stone to meeting new people, networking professionally, or contributing to our mission through volunteering and fundraising.

Help new JETs make the most of their adventure

JETAAUK holds meetups annually throughout the UK to meet soon-to-leave JETs and their families. This year there are events in Edinburgh, Birmingham, and Manchester, all on Saturday 6 June, and London on Saturday 11 July. These are often just a simple Q&A and a casual chat about the JET adventure they are about to go on and any concerns they have or advise alumni have. If you want to attend a meetup(s) just click the link below. 


***we apologise but this event is ONLY open to JET alumni and future JET participants and their families***


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Tokyo 2020 - Olympic Host

We're hugely excited to hear Tokyo will be hosting the 2020 Olympic Games. Follow @Tokyo2020jp or visit the website for more updates.