JETAA Scotland was one of the most active chapters in the UK before the pandemic. Running regular events such as pub/ Karaoke nights, BBQs and Japanese
classes. In time the chapter is hoping to expand its range of activities to include educational events for the public and greater links with Kyoto, the sister city of Edinburgh.

In 2010 the Scotland chapter played host to the JETAA international meeting, which was a resounding success, hosting JET Alumni from across the world and Japanese officials in the beautiful city of Edinburgh.

While the chapter is mostly active in Edinburgh we are always working to expand activities in Glasgow, Scotland’s most populous city, and subsequently north to Dundee, Aberdeen, and other areas. If you are an ex-JET outside the capital please contact us as we would love to support events in your area.

Regular Events

As we emerge from the pandemic with less or no restrictions in place, we are considering restarting our social and cultural exchange events. These are likely to include a Hanami party and monthly pub nights. A great way to get to know the JET alumni in the area, welcome and mingle with Japanese nationals and stay connected. Look out for the newsletters for more details.

JETAA Scotland BBQ

We hold a BBQ every year, inviting JETs, local Japanese residents of central Scotland and other Japan related groups to join in celebrating good Scottish Summer weather. Good weather is not guarenteed!!!

Bounenkai & Shinnenkai

We couldn't have an events calendar without these two important dates. Usually held in Edinburgh or Glasgow.


Our AGM is held early in the year, and is open to anyone interested in joining the committee or simply becoming more engaged with the group. Come along and have some Japanese food and great chat and help us build an even stronger JETAA Scotland Chapter.

Scotland Committee 2023

Scotland Chair
Zeljka Letica

Scotland Vice-Chair
Colin Johnston  

Polly Le Grand

Communications Lead 
David Robinson

Scotland Rep for Scotland
Colin Johnston  

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