Age Dashi

4th February 2023

Age Dashi

Image by Daremoshiranai

In my opinon, cripsy tofu is the best kind of tofu, and you can get a wonderful crisp in an air fryer.

To make crispy tofu you will need potato starch and cooking spray.

It's really important to drain the tofu, then wrap it in a piece of kitchen roll to absorb any excess water. Moisture will fight your crispy-ness.

Slice your tofu into segments, and then dry them again with kitchen roll.

Coat each piece of tofu in cornstarch, tapping off any excess.

Spray your air fryer before preheating it to 200˚C. 


Put your tofu chunks in the air fryer, then spray each one. Air fry them for 6 minutes, then spray them again. Air fry for a further 6 minutes then flip and spray the other side. Cook that for a final 2 and they should be golden and crispy!

A simple add on for this is a sauce to make the dish Age dashi. 

To make the agedashi you will need;

1 tbs of dashi stock

1 tbs of mirin  

1 tbs of soy sauce.

Heat all of these together in a pot to a gentle simmer for 5 minutes, before adding to your crispy tofu.


then top you tofu with garnish, popular choices include diakon or Beneto flakes. 


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