4th January 2017

Chapter Roundup: London

Last year was a busy one for the JETAA London chapter. With a series of successful pub nights, two karaoke sessions, a pre-departure JET orientation and a well-attended career forum for JET returnees, we have had an excellent year.

After our annual general meeting, in March 2016, it was decided that more social events would be well received in the JETAA London community. In May, the first of our pub events was held alongside a karaoke session. Subsequent pub nights were held in September, October and November to a great degree of success.

We hope to push forward with more events this year to increase alumni interest in the post-JET community, building the London chapter into a larger network of like-minded people.

In July 2016, we were joined by a large number of alumni for the pre-departure JET orientation. The day gave the soon-to-be-JETs a chance to ask all their last minute questions. We helped calm their nerves regarding their upcoming departure.

The event was followed by a round of drinks at a nearby pub where attendees had an opportunity to connect with anyone they might have missed during the sessions.

With the support of so many alumni, the event was incredibly well received and we hope the new JETs will remember to pass it forward when they return from their own JET experience.

In September, with JETs flying back into the UK, we held our annual careers forum. Again, the event was successful, mainly due to the generous support of the London JET alumni who turned out in force to speak about their own career experiences and offer advice on settling back into life in the UK. Representatives in all areas, from international companies to universities to one-on-one advisers of CVs from careers centres attended. The event was followed by networking drinks, before the Japanese Embassy held their annual evening event.

After a year full of great memories we are looking forward to the year ahead with hopes of many more social events to fill the calendar and more opportunities to spend time with fellow ex-JETs in the area.

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