Departing JETs Event Huge Success

6th September 2022

Departing JETs Event Huge Success

Recently, brand new JETs all across the country have been welcomed to leavers events to wish them well before they head off to Japan.

The pub where people met in London was packed with outgoing JETs, all chattering excitedly as they found people headed to similar prefectures, swapping experiences, wondering what the future held. The weather? Hot and humid, a preview of the temperatures to come as they flew halfway across the world. Post-Orientation, JETAA held a social event to offer up our sempai expertise to the current generation of JETs.


The outgoing JETs had the chance to chat in-person with our seasoned alum - a first after the pandemic, by necessity, forced the JET Programme orientations to be online. The excitement was palpable, and our newest JETs were forming friendships and promises to visit one another once they moved out to Japan. It was beautifully nostalgic for the alumni present, too 


 It was wonderful to see so many alumni - ranging from the recently returned, to those who predate the JET program in its current form (previously the BET program!).


If this sounds appealing to you please get in contact with your local Chapter and ask about details for joining their future socials 

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