9th January 2017

From Sailor to Samurai

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How many of you know that the first Englishman to reach Japan more than 400 years ago taught English … to the Shogun?

Of course English was only one of many things that William Adams was required to teach Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu in the course of his extraordinary rise from sailor to samurai lord and trusted adviser.

Previous books on Adams—or Anjin Miura, as he was known in Japanese—rely mainly on Western sources to tell what is really a Japanese story.

Now, a new book by a Japanese scholar, with support from The Sasakawa Peace Foundation, seeks to tell the full account of his life in Japan, as seen through Japanese eyes.

The author, Hiromi Rogers, draws on the wealth of records and accounts in Japanese as well as on her native understanding of Japanese culture and customs in her book: Anjin: The Life and Times of Samurai William Adams, 1564-1620.



Review for JETLAG

In this story about surviving in a strange land and assimilating into  society, there is likely much that will chime with JET alumni's experiences in Japan, of delight and of frustration.

We are giving away one copy of this book to a lucky reader who agrees to writes a review of it for JETLAG. To win, simply send an email with your name, address and the reason you think you would write a great review to We will choose the best entrant and send him or her the book.

Special offer for JETs

JET alumni can buy Anjin: The Life & Times of Samurai William Adams by Hiromi Rogers for £15 from the main distributer, which is a 40% discount on the full price.

Email or telephone 01235 465577. The book is also available and reviewed on Amazon.

Readers’ responses

This marvellous book … the author’s studied gentleness and a notable deference to her readers inform every word of her book.

An amazing story … the cultural perspective lends a richness to the recounted events.

A beautiful work and totally gripping ... the enormous sensitivity to Adams’ story … the insight into a world which is so difficult to know … quite extraordinary. I have learned so much.

Fascinating. What a different and extraordinary world ... very impressed with the author’s scholarship and research.

I am hooked to the story of William Adams … so many interesting facts woven together with huge verve and vivacity.

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