Japanese Cabbage rolls

3rd September 2023

Japanese Cabbage rolls

Photo by Masahiko Satoh

Japanese cabbage roles, or ロールキャベツ, are a great food to tide you over though these autumn months.

You'll need mince for this, but it can be any kind, Quorn, beef, pork or turkey are all fine for this recipe. 

250g mince 
6 cabbage leaves
2 stalks of green onion
1 teaspoon grated ginger
1 carrot
1 egg
2 medium size tomatoes
soy sauce
sesame oil
corn starch 
2 cups of chicken broth

First, prepare your cabbage leaves, keeping them as intact as possible. Boil them for 1 minute. Once the leaves are soft, chill them in an ice bath. 

Finely dice your carrot and thinly slice your green onion.

In a big bowl, add the green onions, carrot and grated ginger to your mince. In the same bowl, add a teaspoon of soy sauce, a quarter of a teaspoon of sesame oil, an egg, a quarter of a teaspoon of salt and half a teaspoon of cornstarch. 

Mix it all together, then put it in the fridge for half an hour. 

Divide the mixture into 6 portions.

Put the portions into a flat leaf and roll it into a long tube, tucking the ends in to make it a little package. 

You can put a toothpick in the middle of your rolls before putting them in a large pan or wok. Add 2 cups of chicken broth and chopped tomato (or a teaspoon of soy sauce if you are not a fan of tomatoes). Heat to a boil, then simmer for 15 minutes.

When serving, make sure to ladle plenty of the stock with the cabbage roll on to your plate.


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