JET Pre-Departure Events in the North West

27th July 2017

JET Pre-Departure Events in the North West

On June 3rd and 16th JETAA North West held get-togethers in Liverpool and Manchester respectively for those in the area who were due to go out on JET this summer.  We invited alumni along to give advice from their first hand experience of Japan.

The Liverpool get-together was held at Etsu, a beautiful and authentic Japanese restaurant.

The Manchester get-together was held at Yuzu, a small izakaya-style place.

In both cases, the get-togethers attracted a good number of new JETs and also brought a great number of alumni out of the woodwork.  It was a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and I felt really happy to see so many smiles whilst everyone talked about Japan.

I would like to say a great big thank you to all those who attended.  I think both get-togethers enabled us to have a lovely meal and they were great fun too.  I think new JETs were able to get a bit more insight into not only life in Japan but also how JET can fit into their lives once they return to the UK.  For the alumni, it was such an exciting chance to recall just what it felt like to be going out to Japan and how wonderful and special an experience JET was.

I would like to support the JETs in the North West as much as I can before they go out and would also like to find more ways to bring the alumni together too, so we will no doubt have some more get-togethers before the JETs fly out at the end of July.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Thank you for reading, I hope you are all well.

Kind regards, Corrina Ellis - North West Chapter Chair

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