31st October 2017

JETAA UK Chair's Autumn Message

To all the JETs who have just returned to the UK, a warm welcome back. I hope you are slowly getting used to life outside Japan. These are exciting times but it can be daunting making that transition. Hopefully, JETAA will be something that you can access to keep the links going with Japan and to meet people in a similar position. We have several events taking place soon for returnees (see chapter round-ups) and do feel free to organise your own meet-up either via our Facebook page or by contacting us.

We also hope some of you will get involved in volunteering for JETAA UK. Since we are a voluntary organisation we always need volunteers to support organising activities, communications and content creation for the website. It’s a great opportunity to hone some skills post-JET and to join a very important and influential network.

For those of you who are thinking about your next career move, we have some ex-JET mentors willing to support you but do let us know if you want to find mentors in a different sector. For any of you interested in academia, we have featured some upcoming events and conferences that may interest you. And for those of you who want to be social, please get involved in your nearest chapter (at the moment we have active chapters in London, Midlands, North West and Scotland). If there is not an active chapter in your area you can start one up.

Hopefully, there is something for everyone!


Sarah Parsons

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