Message from North East Chair

30th May 2023

Message from North East Chair

Hi all, I’m Naomi And I have just become the Chair of the North-East chapter. I was on the JET Programme as an Irish JET 2008-2011 and was an ALT in Umaji-Mura, Kochi.  I was involved with the JET Programme in Ireland upon my return in 2011 and have got involved with the North-East Chapter through our many online events. I also happen to live in Scotland to make things more confusing!


As mentioned, we have a focus on online events with a monthly Japanese class, Japanese arts and crafts and watch this space for some fun in-person events. There are so many historic links between Newcastle and Japan and we’re planning on exploring them!


If you’re in the North East (or online!) and looking to take part in our events, or looking to get involved in the planning side with the committee, please get in touch!


Naom Crosbie-Iwasaki 

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