Nature walk and pub lunch in Formby

25th June 2017

Nature walk and pub lunch in Formby

On May 13th JETAA NW held a little event for those wanting to get out for some fresh air.  Formby is home to beautiful pinewoods, unspoilt sand dunes, asparagus fields, the rare and endangered red squirrel, and many, many pubs.  So, what better way to enjoy all this than a nature walk and a pub lunch?!

We started at the pinewoods and made our way onto the beach despite clouds that threatened rain.  It was lovely to walk over sand that stretched out as far as we could see.  Getting some fresh air in our lungs whilst we not only reminisced about Japan but also talked about the trials and tribulations of our current lives in Britain was really refreshing.

As we walked back over the dunes the clouds started to part and the sun was pretty strong.  We found ourselves being put quite to the test as we pushed on over the dunes and back to the pinewoods.  I have to say I am quite disappointed that we only saw one squirrel in the woods that day, but one is better than none!

By the time we reached the pub the sun had made a full appearance so we were hot and thirsty and really ready for food!  Our pub lunch was just what we wanted and actually turned into a mini pub crawl and ended up with Japanese curry at mine in the evening.

It was a fantastic day and made a nice change.  It's definitely something we will do again in the future so please come and join us next time.  I hope you're all well and will look forward to seeing you sometime soon.

Corrina Ellis - North West Chapter Chair.

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