Nikujaga recipe

12th February 2022

Nikujaga recipe

Meat or quorn- 200g 
Potatoes - 5 
Carrot - 2 
Onion - 1 
Dashi powder - 1tbsp 
Sugar - 3tbsp 
Mirin - 3tbsp 
Soy sauce - 3tbsp 
Sake - 3tbsp

First, peel and chop your potatoes into quarters. Then chop your carrots and onions into large chunks too.

Cook all the vegetables in a pan with oil, on a medium heat, until the onion is opaque.  

Add three tbsp of sugar to the still cooking vegetable. 

Next, add three tbsp of Mirin (or another of sugar if you don't have any). Mix thoroughly, raise the heat and cook for three minutes. 

Go back to medium heat, add 200ml water and a tbsp of Dashi Powder (or a stock cube if you don't have any). Then add three tbsp of soy sauce.

Add the meat and three tbsp of sake (or white wine if you don't have any), 

Boil the pot for 15 minutes. By then the broth should have mostly evaporated and the potatoes should be soft. 

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