Spring 2018: Scotland chapter roundup

5th April 2018

Spring 2018: Scotland chapter roundup

In December, we had our annual bounenkai celebration at Koyama in Edinburgh, with a good turnout of new and long-time JETAA members. 

We ‘ended’ our current term in February, holding elections for a new committee at the AGM. In the end, most of the committee remained the same as the previous year, but we’ve added a few new members – it's always great to have the newly returned JETs take an interest in the group. Our committee for the next year is as follows:

Chair – Matthew Sanders 
Vice-Chair – James Gamgee
Treasurer – Michael Bauld
Secretary/Comms – vacant

General Committee Members: 
Lauren Bishop; Emma Boardman; Ewan Dawson; Erica Hohmann; Catriona Hood; Loki Liu; Amy McNeese-Mechan; Caitlin Valentine 

If anyone would like to join the committee, please get in touch. We’d especially love to hear from anyone in cities outside of Edinburgh (Glasgow, Dundee, etc), who would want to arrange some social events.

As for events in the new year, we hosted the national JETAA UK AGM in Edinburgh this year. We’ll leave the details of the meeting to the national committee report, but we think it was a success and were glad to have visitors to our beautiful capital! 

We’ll be organising some more socials soon – meals out, etc. We’ll also be announcing the date of our annual pre-departure bbq soon. This event is a chance for the new JETs to meet ex-JETs. All are welcome! 

If you’d like to get in touch with us, you can contact Matthew at or find us on Facebook! JETAA UK / JETAA UK Scotland

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