Sushi Me Rolling: Restaurant review

9th August 2022

Sushi Me Rolling: Restaurant review

Sushi Me Rolling is a Cosy Newcastle restaurant that serves delightful pun-based, fusion dishes. They have two locations, one in the centre of Newcastle and the other on the coast in Whitley Bay. 

Whilst the set meals aren't exactly traditional; they do offer some exciting and delicious dishes that cater to a wider audience than traditional sushi restaurants. 


As well as the Sashimi, and nigiri, I tried the Duck me Daddy meal. Having Duck in a maki sushi was odd, but still tasty. It was obviously inspired by peking duck pancakes, replacing the pancake with rice. 

Whilst having Asian fusion foods in sushi rolls is nothing new in the culinary world, it is certainly new to the seaside town of Whitley Bay. It makes a nice break from the chippy for those who want to eat fresh fish from the North Sea without the batter. But if you still love your fried food, then don't worry, as Sushi Me Rolling have tempura prawn sushi rolls, as well as chicken katsu, inspired sushi. 

Sushi Me Rolling is worth experiencing for the puns alone. I recomend it for anybody in the mood for good Japanese rice, fresh fish, and something new at the sea side. 

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