September 2023 Events news round up

3rd September 2023

September 2023 Events news round up





JETAA London had a great time seeing the stage adaptaion of Garden of Words, and are hoping to see more theatre shows in the future.

On Thursday 28th of September we are planning to watch the Japan Vs Samoa Rugby world cup game together from 19:30 til 22:30 at The Hercules Pillars, 18 Great Queen street. Get in contact if you'd like to join in.

We will be attending the Japan Matsuri, the UK’s biggest annual festival of Japanese culture and food. It is happing in Trafalgar Square on Sunday 1 October for the first time since 2019! FInd out more here

We are holding a NIJIKAI to follow the Welcome Back Reception (hosted by JLGC and the Embassy of Japan) on Friday 6th October. Sign up to join!

We want to meet all of you and hear all of your stories of Japan! Most importantly, we are here to help you adjust back to UK life.

Please contact Kay on either the London JETAA Instagram orFacebook page, or email Jaz at


North East




JETAA North East is thrilled to announce that we can now accommodate a larger group for our monthly Japanese class with Ayae Sensei! 

In October and November we are running bootcamps for N3 and N2 level Japanese!

You can find tickets on sale at our Eventbrite page. Access is exclusively through the JETAA website

We are planning to do more of these types of lessons in the future so please contact us to let us know if you're intrested. 

For more information contact 





We are currently planning for our festival on Oct 14, 2023 between 11:00 - 4:00 pm in the Japanese Garden, Dollar, Clackmanshire

Hopfully we will have nice weather, and the Tokyo Adachi Roshukai Kensaki swordsmen and Japanese Archery (kyudo) club demonstrate their skills. We will also have Scottish Bonsai Association displaying their collection and prize winning Cosplay contest. We are also hoping to have volunteers to dress people in yukata and to fold origami.

The Garden management will charge 8.50 GBP as entrance fee for the general public and tickets are sold in hourly slots. Parking is limited. If you are unable to drive we can assist with transport from Alloa railway station to the Garden (6 seat taxis will be available at reasonable cost), contact us should you need transport. Volunteers needed, (lunch will be subsidised should you wish to participate).

In November we will hold an online event, get in touch for more details.

Our annual Bonenkai will be in early December.

Look out for details on our social media (Instagram, Facebook) and of course, our newsletters.

Please email the Scotland Chair on for information about upcoming events


North West







please Email for details about joining.








Please Email for details about joining. 

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